Our company carries out diverse operations in construction sector and can arrange all construction works required for your business in European Union and in Russian Federation.  

We lead several multinational Greenfield and Brownfield projects in Finland and Russia and have got valuable experience in challenging construction market.


Our service range includes: 

- civil works and infrastructure;

- electrical works;

- cooling, heating, water and sewage systems installations;

- technological systems installation works;

- roof works;

- concrete works;

- professional welding, manufacturing and installation of metal structures (including stainless steel);

- compressed air systems installation;

- cleaning systems installation (waste water and industrial water cleaning systems);

 - other required works.

We arrange all required steps according with local legislation and laws to move your projects faster than it could be.

During construction works we can provide you professional safety and quality supervision under works execution, time scheduling, cost control.

 We have got required SRO license to do mentioned works: