We started as a company, providing different kinds of services to manufacturing companies. It was designing works in energy area such as gas pipelines, boilers retrofits, milling systems. We ordered manufacturing and lead supervision during installations and start up processes.

Project Management

Leading such kinds of projects we mostly did project management and as next business area was manufacturing plants construction. It were Greenfields and Brownfields in automotive area, consumers goods manufacturing, agricultural, pharmaceutical and metal industry companies. We did leading of these projects from beginning till the end and knows about this business well.

Construction business

We started construction activities in Finalnd using low cost solutions and trying to archieve better prices then local market. Now, we combine local sourses with better quality subcontractors from Russia and Baltic countries. All legal cases are executed and local rules as well.

Russian construction activities covers civil works, utilities (pipes, electrical works, process systems) and all kinds approvals.


Metal manufacturing is our long time business. We produce from black and stainless steel different elements for process purposes.