Short Projects Description

Short reference of experience:

-          Ford Motor Company – automotive plant construction and maintenance: T&F, Body shop, utilities construction and start up. Plant maintenance.

-          Gillette – management of brownfield project of manufacturing plant extension;

-          Hyundai – construction and start up management of greenfield 7 Hyundai manufacturing plants;

-          Tenneco automotive – start up management of automotive manufacturing supplier;

-          Nissan – supplier of process equipment maintenance services, process equipment delivery and manufacturing;

-          Nokian Tyres – process equipment installations, metal works;

-          TP-Yhtio Oy – manufacturing and maintenance activity establishing;

-          Novartis – Greenfield of pharmaceutical manufacturing plant: design and construction management, approvals;

-          Novaya Gollandiya – management of 12 Ha greenhouses greenfield project.

-      OSK - new business development project. Fish plants.

-      Hyundai Engineering. Metal stuctures, construction works, civil works

-      PE Bjordal Industier AS. New business development project and company establishing in Russia

-      Skipskompetanse AS. New business development project and company esablishing in Russia.